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  • 31 years old
  • From Florida, United States
  • Currently in Florence, Italy

"When in Florence"

I am doing an Events Planning internship abroad in Florence, Italy for 4 months. I am learning Italian and their unique culture. I'm so intrigued on how they speak and live their daily lives. I can't wait to share my experience with you!

Horseback Riding in Tuscany and Weekend trip to Ireland!!!!

Ireland Dublin, Ireland  |  Apr 22, 2009
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I am sitting here writing my last jornal and wondering..where did all the time go? My journey is over in two days and I am going home with great friends and lifetime memories.

I just came back from Ireland with 4 other friends of mine and had an AMAZING time! I highly recommend you visit Ireland..it is beatiful. We rented a car and traveled from Dublin to Galoway to Cork. It was a raod trip in Ireland and we all took turns driving on the right side of the car and on the left side of the road. It was very different, but a unique experience. We went to the infamous Temple Bar and Whelan's Bar, where P.S. I Love You was filmed. We also went to the Gniess Factory, which was huge and another memorable experince. We left the Guiness factory a little late to catch our flight back to Florence and almost missed it. It was a close one, but we made it!

A week before I went to Ireland I went Horseback Riding in Tuscany and it was so nice out. The day was gorgeous, not too hot and a nice zephyr in the air. We all had huge horse and mine was Gino. Gino was a wild one and never listened to me. He was getting yelled at by the horse trainers and always stopped to eat grass. The trainers told me that he knew he could take advantage of me and that is exactly what he did!


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