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Fall Semester in Thailand with CISabroad

My fall semester studying abroad at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.


Thailand Chonburi, Thailand  |  Oct 25, 2011
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So Chon Buri is where I begin my travels around Thailand due to floods canceling classes at Mahidol University until November 14th, and if the situation gets worse until November 28th.  

So a day after I decided to stay in Bangkok, my friend Anothai decided to evacuate to his family's house in Chonburi until the floods abated in our neighborhood and invited me along.  And since my friends had all left already to Koh Chang and I thought it would be cool to get a Thai family experience, I decided to go with. Also Chonburi is a lot closer to Bangkok than Koh Chang and I could easily get a ride back if I wanted or needed to.

On Saturday, October 22nd, Anothai, his uncle, and I left for his uncle's house in Chonburi. As we left Bangkok, I thought I would be back that next Monday in two days, I had no idea what was really going to happen.  

Anyways, we arrived in Chonburi, which is about 40 minutes away from Pattaya and an hour and a half southeast of Bangkok.  Now, every Thai city advertises what it is best known for in the form of three huge photos overhanging the highway that enters it.  And much to my amusement, Anothai translated what Chonburi was famous for as we passed under three photos.  "Ahh Noah, see Chonburi is famous for beaches, beaches, and water buffalo racing!".   That's literally what the photos showed, a beach, another beach, and a goofy looking water buffalo.  It amused me at least.

That night we had dinner with Anothai's family at a restaurant called Cowboys even though it was a completely Thai restaurant that had nothing to do with Cowboys or the old West.  The food did not let me down, we had some delicous Tom Yum soup with shrimp and some pork jerky with chili sauce. However what I thought was really cool that I learned that night is that anybody can bring in their own drinks and the waiters will prepare that drink for you.  For example, Anothai's uncle brought a bottle of Red Label with him, and the waiters happily prepared coke and whiskeys for everyone at our table with that whiskey.  Just a cool little Thai trait I thought.

The next day, Anothai and I walked 40 minutes to the beach which was actually just a whole bunch of umbrellas and wooden chairs that went all the way up to the water.  There was no sand, just umbrellas, umbrellas, umbrellas, some chairs, and the water.  It was cool though, we got to relax and read under the umbrellas, which we incidentally had to pay to sit under.  In any case, there are definitely more worth while beaches elsewhere in Thailand than in Chonburi.  

After we got home, I found out something shocking, school was canceled until November 14th, and if the situation got worse, until November 28th.  I then immediately got a call from my friends on Koh Chang ordering me to come and join them, which I decided to do the next morning.  That night I enjoyed my last night with Anothai and his family who told me I was always welcome to come back and stay with them again.  Overall, I think I made the right choice to leave Bangkok and stay with Anothai and his family in Chonburi.  It was a great experience, for sure.

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