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Fall Semester in Thailand with CISabroad

My fall semester studying abroad at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Thailand Bangkok, Thailand  |  Nov 28, 2011
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So after about three weeks in Chiang Mai, I am finally on my way back to Bangkok.  Unfortunately, I've decided to go back to the United States on December 1st because Mahidol University has canceled classes until December 15th and in order to receive credit for this semester I would have to stay until December 30th.  But that is neither here nor there, I am extremely grateful for my opportunity to be in Thailand and had classes not been canceled I would not have been able to travel around Thailand for two months. 

Anyways, once I arrive in Bangkok, I'll have two nights to be with my friends from Mahidol University.  I'm not looking forward at all to saying good bye to these amazing people whom I've become so close with.  It really will be hard to leave Thailand, but it will be the most hard to leave this fantastic group of people who have become some of my closest and best friends. More on this later, I don't want to get teary eyed right now.

So as I right this on the 12 hour bus from Chiang Mai to Thailand, I am sitting next to a Buddhist monk.  To me, monkhood and Buddhism are two of the coolest aspects of Thailand.  Monks forgo all petty human cravings for the rest of us, strive for inner peace, and are not allowed to eat after 12:00 pm.  The whole concept of inner peace and what Buddhists strive for is very appealing to me.  Anyways, as I sat down next to the monk I was careful not to touch him and bow my head in respect.  I read that you can wai (putting your hands together and bowing) or show respect in however your heart desires to monks, and that no matter what they will appreciate the gesture.  However, what made me the happiest was that this was the first monk to acknowledge me with a smile!  It definitely made me feel good.

We're about halfway to Bangkok now, and along with the bus ride, there's a meal stop!  Your ticket gets you an awesome free Thai meal!  I personally chose pork noodle soup with an extra kick of ground up chili peppers.  Thai transportation is awesome. Five more hours left!

We're entering Bangkok now, and even though the flood level is starting to go down, it's still horrible.  Houses are underneath water, there are aid stations everywhere, and people have parked their cars on teh overhead highways.  It's insanity.  Anyways, I'm super excited to get back to Bangkok, see all my friends and have a couple final moments with them.  God, I love Thailand.

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    Stacey wrote: Sat Feb 4, 2012
    Hi, im considering doing a student exchange at Madihol University during the second half of the year and I was just wondering if you would recommend it? Im from Australia and have never travelled alone before. Googling info has kind of got me freaked out about terrorism and floods. Also would you recommend staying at the campus accommodation?
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