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British Isles 2010

All the things I've seen, places I've been whilst studying throughout the UK and Ireland in summer '10.

Day 9: Are you English?!

England Ormskirk, England  |  May 23, 2010
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  • At one point when all of Openshaw was sitting outside, the L.O. Brits were talking to us about the 'other Americans' that had lived in Lady O before us. According to them, we're their favorite group. They told us that their picture of Americans is just fat, lazy people and that the first group was like that, but that we--Mimi, Ashley, Steve, I, and others--look and act 'most British.' They were saying that a lot of the people just wore a t-shirt and jeans everyday and never really put in an effort to hang out with them. I'm glad that we've been so accepted and act 'more British.' After all, I didn't choose to study abroad to surround myself with all things American; I came to experience something new.

 After all, I didn't choose to study abroad to surround myself with all things American; I came to experience something new. 

So yesterday was day two of lounging about. After Mimi and I woke up in the late morning, we headed down to town so that we could get a few groceries and some sweets for friends back home. Once again, the weather was unbelievable. We decided to get some ice cream and then go and properly explore Coronation Park.

Coronation Park is the park located directly in the middle of Ormskirk. Of the few places in Ormskirk, Coronation Park and the Clock tower. It was surprisingly big and not at all like any parks I've seen before. There was so much diversity in both the scenery and the activities going on! At the entrance, there were a group of young lads planting trees and flowers; towards the middle were people both young and old playing football, sitting about, playing on slides, etc.; around the pathways were kids on bikes; once you got further into the park, there was a skate park with lots of rollerbladers, and surprisingly no skateboarders; then even further was a little pond where people were sitting about feeding the ducks.

After our stroll in the park, we went and walked to the center of town to go to the market and then get some sweets. Apparently, Charter Market (as it is called) is open on Thursdays and Saturdays and holds about 120 stalls. Also, I learned that the market has been taking place since 1286! It was really nice walking through the market. You can find anything from fresh foods or plants, to shoes and costumes. Another thing that you don't see much in the American culture, but is quite common in European ones.

Next we went back to campus, unloaded our bags, and took off to the football pitches. Mimi, Ashley, and I had discovered in our first week here that the football pitches are some of the best places on campus to lie about and catch some sun. Since the pitches themselves are quite open, there's hardly anything in your way--also, the only people who really ever wander there are those who want to have a kick around or a match. We spent the next two hours lying out and watching a few footballers and relaxing in the sun, then headed back to L.O. for a nice chat on the lawn.

That evening, some of the girls invited us on a walk. They took us to a nearby wooded area, Ruff Woods, which was only about a 5 minute walk away. As with most woods, it was lush and green, and had a certain magical aspect to it. We ended the day by watching the Champion's League game on the t.v. with the others in L.O.

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