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British Isles 2010

All the things I've seen, places I've been whilst studying throughout the UK and Ireland in summer '10.

Day 8: Openshaw, nah nah nah!

England Ormskirk, England  |  May 21, 2010
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  • At one point of the day, we and the rest of L.O. decided to go for a 'dirty swim' in the fountain. Our original plan was the little lake, but the fountain was closer and we all just kind of hopped in. It was freeeeezing! But so much fun.

 as always, when L.O. is together, you're in for an adventure 

As of yesterday, we have officially been here one week. It seems like ages ago, but I'm not complaining. I'm really enjoying my time here.

Today was a great day to relax. There was no class and the weather was gorgeous. Mimi and I decided to do a bit of a shopping trip to Liverpool, which was fun. I'm so glad Liverpool's close. The city has such an amazing atmosphere I can't even try to put into words. While we were there we tried a new restaurant and went into some of the shops that were recommended to us by the local girls from L.O.

When we came back, the weather was still amazing, and practically everyone from Openshaw was outside enjoying it. We went and joined them and, as always, when L.O. is together, you're in for an adventure. ...A water fight ensued. After getting soaked, we all decided to venture down to the lake and skip--or 'skim' as they say--rocks for a bit. Apparently, that's frowned upon...

I really love hanging out with everyone from Openshaw. And you'd find it difficult to find the L.O. group traveling with less than 10 people at any given time. The group really does feel just like a family; everyone was really welcoming and open when we first arrived, and I'm well thankful for that. At my home uni, it wasn't nearly this much fun getting to know everyone. Even though it was my first semester this past fall, none of the freshmen were this comfortable getting to know people and, as has been said about many New Englanders, seemed quite cold at first meeting. It would be hard to find me without my roommates at UNH, but our group really never exceeds 6 people, unlike here. Then again, I've heard that not all the halls here are like Lady Openshaw in that aspect, so I feel really lucky that I was put here with such great people.

Tonight I think we're all just going to chill in the common room and watch some films. Some people already went to Blockbuster so they could rent some. I'm looking forward to a low-energy night tonight as it seems since we've been here I haven't had much time by myself to relax. Either way, I'm sure tonight will be fun. It always is with Lady O.

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