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British Isles 2010

All the things I've seen, places I've been whilst studying throughout the UK and Ireland in summer '10.

Day 29: Leaving London

England London, England  |  Jun 11, 2010
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  • I really like that in the end of both plays we saw at the Globe (and I assume they do these for all the other plays as well) the actors had a little dance at the end. I found it highly enjoyable. I also found it fitting that on the eve of our departure for Scotland, we saw Macbeth, which is set there. Maybe this is a sign that our journey is going to be just as delightful and exciting as their performance!

 I also found it fitting that on the eve of our departure for Scotland, we saw Macbeth 

First thing we did this morning was go see the London Eye. Though it was rainy and foggy, it was quite spectacular; and just being able to view all of London was incredible. After leaving the Eye, a bunch of us decided to walk around and go find some food. We got some English breakfast before Mimi and I parted with the rest of the group to get one last London-style shopping spree.

We went to see Macbeth at the Globe Theatre, but thanks to tube delays and our lack of geographical location, Mimi and I were late. I enjoyed it immensely though, as Macbeth is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. Lady Macbeth and Malcom in particular I thought did a phenomenal job. 


The World Cup started today. We missed the first game (South Africa 1-1 Mexico) but as we were packing, we did see the France 0-0 Uruguay game. I thought it was well weird that the first two games were draws. 

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