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Ancient Greece. The time of mythology and the beginning of democracy.

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British Isles 2010

All the things I've seen, places I've been whilst studying throughout the UK and Ireland in summer '10.

Day 24: Rumbleroar!

England London, England  |  Jun 06, 2010
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  • On our exploration of Hammersmith, Mimi and I came across a Fancy Dress store--aka Costume store in American. It was huge! Though it looked proper small from the outside. We spent a good amount of time in there. If I ever need to have a fancy dress party, I'll kinow exactly where to go! There was also this amazing little rooom full of masks. Small, cheap ones, elaborae ones, ones with fathers, ones with big noses... We also found a mall. This mall contains River Island and Primark. Two British staple stores I am surely going to miss--along with Top Shop.

 Mimi and I dubbed our lion Rumbleroar. It was magical. 

Today was our first actual day in London. It was proper nice.

Yesterday, we kinda settled in a bit. Mimi and I did some exploring (of course) around the hotel and the surrounding area of Hammersmith. Then us, Steve, Brian, Jill and Ashley went to dinner at a Chinese buffet. Quality food. Yesterday we also met Benny, a guide... of sorts. He says he's also going to Scotland and Ireland, so that'll be cool. He seems like a chill guy.

Anyway, today we got up mad early and had our breakfast delivered. Then we all met up with our tour guide, Susanna in the lobby before heading out to the coach. I liked her and all the information she was able to give us was really helpful (especially her insider knowledge on the HP places and where to get good tickets for theatre shows). She's got the reight idea, though. I'm definitely going to go to grad school and settle down out here. She, it so happens, is actually originally from California. We had a bus tour for about 3 hours, maybe 4. She even brought us to see the Changing of the Guard. Finally, we were on our own and left to do what we pleased.

Mimi, Steve, Jill, Ashley, Brian, and I went directly to the tube so we could go to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. The food was good, but what was better was the 'Rock Shop.' inside, they actually had a vault full of some of the coolest musicican's belongings and ranged from the usual signed guitars and costumes to actual celebrity furniture. They even had a chair that belonged to Freddy Mercury! (I love Queen!) Afterward, we went to Leicester Square to see about tickets for 'We Will Rock You' a play Mimi and I both really want to see while we're here. Apparently, though, we have to buy tickets the day of.

Next, we headed down to Monument so we could see where they filmed Diagon Alley for the HP movies. It was brilliant being there! I was so excited. 

One thing I really liked about London today was their current charity displays. There are different painted elephants all over the cities of London and Westminster that are being auctioned off for charity. I wish I could get one. Elephants are my favorite animals. 

We also stopped for a bit in Trafalgar Square and sat atop these massive lions. The view was really amazing. Mimi and I dubbed our lion Rumbleroar. It was magical.

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