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What was the saddest moment you have ever seen in your travels?

Going to concentration camps throughout Germany and the Czech Republic. One in Czech in particular had a bunch of drawings done by the kids who were forced into the concentration camps, which was really sad. And then it also had a room full of the names of those who had died while staying there.

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British Isles 2010

All the things I've seen, places I've been whilst studying throughout the UK and Ireland in summer '10.

Bank Holiday Weekend

England Ormskirk, England  |  May 31, 2010
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  • (Day 2) I think by the end of the night, we had listened to about six different musical groups and, fortunately for us, the Cavern Club was having their eighth annual International Pop Overthrow. This year, they had over 150 bands play in eight days. There were bands from as far as Japan and New Jersey to as close as Brighton and Bath. It was awesome just being a part of that, and we all got shirts (and George bought a CD and was able to have the band sign it!)

    I love buying tour t-shirts. There’s something about knowing I’m part of a group that appreciates the same things and the same music, but at the same time, a group that’s able to maintain its diversity and individuality… I’m not even sure if I explained that very well, but it’s quite magical. 

 I love live music and the atmosphere that comes along with it. 

Saturday, Day 1: We finally got to sleep in and it was fantastic! Then Mimi, Steve and I went to get brunch. I think it was around 2 before we actually left Ormskirk for Liverpool. We went and hung out with Adam again for a good five hours. Unfortunately, it was raining for the majority of the day, so the weather kind of dampened our visit.

While we were in Liverpool, we went down to the Beatles Story area (around Albert Dock). We decided to skip spending 13 quid on the Beatles' museum (Adam had already seen it anyway) and instead spent some time in the gift shop. We also went and pub-hopped a bit. One of the pubs we went into, The Pumphouse, had some quality food. I didn't get anything upscale, just a veggie burger, but it was still quite tasty. By the time we got back to Ormskirk, it was about seven. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with the lids and watching 'Britain's Got Talent.' The usual.

Sunday, Day 2: Mimi and I slept in (again! I love it!) and just kind of moseyed around Ormskirk for a few hours before taking our third trip in three days to Liverpool. This time, we only came for a night, so by the time we got there it was already a bit later in the day. 

Adam told us to meet him at the Cavern Club and we'd all just enjoy a night of live music. Mimi and I were shown the Cavern Club on our very first trip to Liverpool (in which we had a tour guide) but, of course, neither remembered how to get there. We first started walking towards Liverpool Uni hoping it was around that area. It wasn't. We then walked to Lime Street Station and decided to ask directions. Silly us! Every time we go to Liverpool we hang out by L1 and just shop, but we had never even realized that the Cavern Club is literally a minute away from the shopping area! 

While Mimi was trying to find out from Adam if he was going to meet us in the Cavern Club or the Cavern Pub (it's so confusing, I don't know why they'd make the Club and the Pub right across the way from each other!) we decided to check out the bands that were playing. First off, we went into the Pub and listened to that band while vainly searching for Mimi's brother. Then, after not finding him, made our way into the Club to listen to THAT band and continue our search. Ten confusion-filled minutes later, we find out that Adam still wasn't in either the Cavern Club or Pub, so we decided to just stay in the Club and listen to the bands they had lined up.

I love live music and the atmosphere that comes along with it. And most of the bands we heard were really quite good. My favorites were a band from Tokyo and a band who only did Beatles covers. At about 11 we headed back down to Central Station to catch the last train back to Ormskirk, but I'm so glad we got a chance to listen to all those different groups. I definitely enjoyed my first real night out in Liverpool.

Monday, Day 3: The last day of relaxation. Monday is the actual holiday and most of the American group came back that day. As for Mimi and I, we hung out around Ormskirk (Adam left that morning. Early.) For dinner, we--Mimi, Danny, Ian, and I--went into town to a little restaurant called Fiveways. It was amazing! The food was brilliant, the portions perfect, and the cost was even better. Mimi and I both ate for under 10 pounds. After dinner, Mimi and I went back and watched 'Paranormal Activity' and 'Role Models' in Danny's room. It was a pretty simple day, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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