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Earn up to 18 credits this summer while experiencing England, Scotland, Ireland and Spain. During this 10 week program in Europe, students experience a summer full of quality academic study, fantastic ...

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  • Going to Spain!

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Sat Jun 26, 2010

    Today was my last day in Ireland and I’ll be heading off to Spain this afternoon!  I’m so excited for Barcelona!  I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Spanish culture and become fluent in the language.  It’s so exciting and different from everything I’ve done so far.  It will definitely be a change!             We got to sleep in, which was really nice.   We then headed out to take a …

    Study Abroad 2010

  • Getting Ready for Bank Holiday Weekend!

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom Ormskirk, United Kingdom | Fri May 28, 2010

                Today is just one of those slow days and the weather really can’t make up its mind.  In class, Dr H let us all catch up on our readings for L’morte D’arthur and luckily these stories are some of my favorites, so I had finished them up Wednesday after class.  Dr H then gave us the opportunity to decide if we wanted to watch a …

    Running Around the United Kingdom

  • Rufford Old Hall

    Travel Journal from England Ormskirk, England | Wed Jun 02, 2010

    Sunday night was my brothers last night in Liverpool, so Jocelyn and I went to meet up with him and George and Hannah and their friends from Liverpool Uni at the Cavern Club. The Cavern Club is where the Beatles used to perform before they were famous. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but it was still entirely cool to be hanging out in a place that is so important …

    Summer in the British Isles 2010

  • Wars, Unions, Roundheads, and the Like

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom United Kingdom | Tue Jun 01, 2010

    War of the Roses      The War of the Roses, fought from 1455- 1485 was a series of sporadic battles between rival houses in Lancaster and York.  At that time, Henry VI had the crown, but he was mentally unstable and could not effectively rule the country.  The Duke Richard of York then claimed his right to the throne.  The Lancastrians at Court did not want this to happen and fighting …


  • My love letter to Belize

    Travel Journal from Belize San Ignacio, Belize | Tue Apr 13, 2010

    † Well Belize, you did it again and stole my heart once more.  There is something about your country that resonates with me – that fills my soul and makes me happy.  This was my third time being back, and I really feel like I got a good grasp on what this country has to offer and was able to dig in deeper to all of the guts and glory that lies …

    My love letter to Belize