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  • 28 years old
  • From New York, United States
  • Currently in Wellington, New Zealand

Interning in Wellington, New Zealand

This will document all my experiences concerning my Internship and other experiences in New Zealand, from the preparation before my flight to Wellington, to my plane ride back home.

Soaking it in

New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  |  Jun 03, 2010
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 Why can't New York be more like Wellington, where it is ok for people to sit at an outdoor cafe during a soggy evening in the middle of winter. 

As I have spent at least four full days here in Wellington, I have soaked in a lot of the culture of the people here. Even if it is the second most populous city in New Zealand, making it a significant center, it is so contrasting to New York in so many ways.  I especially love how the downtown district of Wellington is so compact, so much that cars and buses are not necessary to go from one end of the city to the other.

Today was my third day interning at Airspace, and it seems to be going well. Tim Norton, an entrepreneur responsible for the founding of many companies, including Airspace, has given me the task to complete the renovation of their office, as well as coming up with plans to start (and hopefully finish) the green roof on top of the building in which his office is located in.  I sure do hope that it all goes well and I learn so much from this.

As for tonight, there is supposedly a fire dance near the harbor.  I'm expecting quite the show. Wellington is such a beautiful city, even if it is turning into winter as we speak. Why can't New York be more like Wellington, where it is ok for people to sit at an outdoor cafe during a cloudy evening in the middle of winter. 

One thing I have to worry about is understanding the accent of the cashiers at the supermarket, my boss, and...well, a lot of other people here.

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