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What is the best ethnic food you ever had that you just can't find at home?

so far, REAL-authentic Italian pizza

Arrival in Rome

MAY 27TH-28TH.
My flight: Miami to Madrid to Rome. Arrived in FCO, stayed an hour in the wrong baggage claim waiting for my bag. Then ran into my pick-up (& teacher, Ginger). I was directed into the right baggage claim, picked up my suitcase and took off with my teacher to the Region hotel.

Let's just say, I was freaking out internally at the airport!


Italy Rome, Italy  |  Jun 09, 2010
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MAY 27th-30TH.

After staying an hr in the wrong baggage claim, I finally retrieved my luggage and took off in a cab with my prof, to out hotel. We stayed in Rome 3 days-depending when you got there.

Touring Rome, we visisted the Colessium, Pantheon, Ancient Rome with Ruins--it was wonderful and an INCREDIBLE photography experience.

But for only three days, I can only write so much.

Our third day, we took a train to Florence where the group will stay for a month.

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  • ROME

    June 09, 2010
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