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May 7th & 8th

My first day in Turkey.

May 7th & 8th 2012

Turkey Istanbul, Turkey  |  May 17, 2012
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Turkey 2012

Log Entry May7th-8th 2012

Amanda Suter

Spring 2012

Istanbul, Turkey

May 7th-May 8th 2012

          On this day, all of us travelers flew from Jacksonville, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina to Munich, Germany, then finally to Istanbul, Turkey. Hannah Crouch, Dean Hazzard, Professor Ray Oldakowski, and myself included were all  happy to embark on this adventure together.

          Turkey is seven hours ahead of Florida time, and the total travel time, layovers included, was approximately fifteen hours; therefore, once we arrived in Istanbul our inner clocks were different than what the actual time was. To continue,  as soon as we arrived in Istanbul, we met up with our means of transportation to the hotel. On the drive from the airport, I noticed the city was much cleaner than I expected. We passed both business districts and historic districts on the way to the hotel. There were large fortresses and walls which contained some of Istanbul's vibrant and rich history, and I believe the Turkish people possess a great appreciation for their roots and heritage; it is evident in the artwork and construction of the city. Also, there was much fishing activity off of the bridges, kids and adults alike were all active at a very large Turkish park, and there was much fishing/marina activity throughout the harbor as we were passing. Next, we checked in to our hotel, The Residence Inn; it is very nice and I enjoy the small cultural differences noticeable in the room, such as simply the overall design of the hotel and hotel rooms. After settling in our rooms, we then proceeded to

meet our tour guide which would be introducing us to the city and everything it had to offer for the remainder of our time in Istanbul.

After the meet and greet and conversing briefly on what the overall trip would be like, we walked down the bustling streets of the nearby shopping place. There were so many different ethnicities walking in the very crowded streets, each individual working to get to their next destination. I was very surprised as to how many people actually could speak at least broken english. This made me feel much better considering the only two words I really know in Turkish are bathroom (banyo) and hello (merhaba). After walking for a few hours to check out local vendors and simply people watch, we went back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. At dinner, the four of us shared two 'mixed' plates which consisted of lamb, chicken, beef, and vegetables. The food was very tasty and the service was different than what we as Americans are accustomed to, but was very refreshing. We had a waiter who would come by throughout the meal and pick up lemon wedges, chicken bones, etc. instead of waiting for an entire course to be over to remove the no longer needed contents from the table. I am a waitress back home;therefore, I suppose I was more perceptive on the details of his service.

          My first day in Turkey was a blast and I can not wait for a filled itinerary tomorrow and an opportunity to experience the Turkish culture even more in depth.

Goals to find out about culture:

1.   The background behind why some women wear scarves to cover solely their heads and why some cover everything except just their eyes.

2.   Learn how to say 'thank you' and be able to pronounce it.

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  • May 7th & 8th 2012

    May 17, 2012
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