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British Isles 2010

Journal for Dr. Haavisto

Wednesday and Wales

United Kingdom Conwy, United Kingdom  |  May 27, 2010
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Wednesday was another simple class day.  We went to Conwy Wales on Thursday.  I was really excited to go back to Wales.  Last year I had felt such a love for the Welsh and for Wales itself.  That was more than confirmed during this trip.  Perhaps it is a fondness for celts in general.  Our bus driver was very informative and I learned quite a bit from him.  I learned about the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge, that the locals call the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool "Paddy's Wigwam" due to the high number of Irish Catholics there are in the area and of course due to the shape.  Also, that if signs in Wales are listed with the Welsh first and then the English, then the are is predominately Welsh, and if signs have English before Welsh, the area is predominately English speaking.  I learned that the train lines that run in this area are actually named after the areas themselves, for instance Merseyrail is named after the river Mersey, and the Wirral line is named after the Wirral peninsula.  I also learned that originally the area around the protestant cathedral in Liverpool was built up for shipping executives with wide streets for their horses and carraiges.  The execs later moved out and a poorer population moved in.  As we drive through the countryside I find it interesting that the property divisions are made from hedges rather than the stones that make up the mending walls in the more northern parts.  Conwy castle was wonderful and I had a very relaxing afternoon wandering around town.  Kelsey and I decided to go into both the littlest hous in the UKand into Plas Maw r, an Elizabethian townhouse.  We learned quite a bit there and were able to take some great pictures of the castle from the attic window.  It was a beautiful day in Conwy. 

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