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British Isles 2010

Journal for Dr. Haavisto

Tuesday May 18

United Kingdom Ormskirk, United Kingdom  |  May 18, 2010
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Today was another day around Ormskirk.  I mainly ran errands today in town.  It was fun to be able to observe people in town today and to realize, again, that most people are just the same as we are.  I also have been observing the students of Edge Hill.  It seems to me that Americans often get a bad reputation for being loud and obnoxious when the students here seem to be just as loud and inconsiderate about their noise level.  I think the difference between the two cultures is the places in which we are loud.  However, I still maintain that one culture is not better or worse than the other, but that there are just differences.  I was talking to some other Americans today about homesickness and how I deal with it.  I talked about how I try to look at it as I am only here for three weeks and so I try to enjoy the cold weather and the tulips and ducks and just have more patience for the loud noises and other slightly uncomfortable aspects. 

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