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British Isles 2010

Journal for Dr. Haavisto

Liverpool Shoping

United Kingdom Liverpool, United Kingdom  |  May 21, 2010
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Today we had a sort of lazy morning and ended up going to Liverpool, as many people wanted to shop. We went around lunch time and I was able to quench my craving for Mexican food at Barburrito.  I never really realized how much of a staple it is in my diet until i get to England.  I also never really realized how little of a staple it is in the British diet.  I am beginning to look at our respective diets very closely and I have discovered a few things.  While I do not like to generalize, I do have to go off of what I see in the Terrace and in other restaurants that I have been to.  Many things seem to be covered in gravy or curry.  Also, almost everything seems to come with a side of "chips" or a "jacket" potato.  The potato seems to be central to the British diet, I find this amazing as the potato was not really a common food in the UK until about the late 17th century.  I suppose the present dishes are what survive the test of time, as they are cheap and easy to prepare, but the large emphasis placed on potatoes continues to amaze me.  Also, there do not seem to be that many vegetables apart from potatoes regularly offered.  While there is a salad bar, there is no dressing and the "veg" that is offered as part of the hot meal is always quite cooked through.  I know this has been a stumbling point for some students, but I try to look at it as a quirk of British cuisine and take it in stride.  I feel that I only get to be here for 6 weeks and that I need to enjoy those things that are so uniquely British while I can.

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