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British Isles 2010

Journal for Dr. Haavisto

Bank Holiday Weekend

United Kingdom York, United Kingdom  |  May 30, 2010
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This past weekend was Bank Holiday Weekend.  We traveled as a small group and used York as a base of operations.  We stayed at a wonderful B&B called the Warren's Guest House.  The staff was incredibly helpful and attentive; if we had a question the owner especially would stop what he was doing and try to find us an answer as quickly as possible.  On our first day we arrived around 11:30 after a canceled train and alternate route.  Once we got to York, we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went out to explore the city.  We met up at York Minster and walked around for a bit.  We also stopped for lunch at the Guy Fawkes Inn where I had one of the best meals of my life.  It was nice to be in a real pub atmosphere.  We also stopped at Betty's for some afternoon tea and dessert since the day had been very grey, rainy, and cold.  That night many of the girls got together to watch Leap Year in preparation for Ireland.  The next morning we met up again to journey out to Castle Howard.  This stately home was used as the set of the movie Brideshead Revisited.  We learned all about the history of the house and its use in films.  The day we went happened to be the day of a play of Alice in Wonderland and the characters were roaming the grounds that afternoon in promotion for the play.  Alice eve ran after the white rabbit through the back yard! I was able to meet one of the frog butlers for the Red Queen.  The weather was amazing until very late in the afternoon when the weather turned much colder.  After some hot chocolate some of us went out to the "adventureland play ground".  All had a good time.  When we got back to York we went to a fudge shop and then to dinner and a Ghost Walk called the "Ghost Hunt".  Our tour was informative and very funny! We were glad to get back inside though as it was very cold on our walk.  That night we watched P.S. I Love You before we went off to bed.  On Monday we went to Durham.  I was thrilled to be able to go back to such a beautiful city.  Kelsey and I enjoyed tea in the rectory cafe before touring the cathedral with the others and then grabbing some sandwiches in town to enjoy on the lawn between the cathedral and castle as a picnic.  After our afternoon picnic we went and took a tour of Durham Castle.  The castle was originally used for defence and as a palatial bishop's residence, but now is home to Durham University.  After the tour we headed back to York to catch the train home. I enjoyed the weekend very much!

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