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What was the strangest food you ate while traveling?

haggis or blood pudding

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This journal will have my entries from our travels around Scotland.

Day 5 and 6

United Kingdom Edinburgh, United Kingdom  |  Jul 24, 2009
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Today was the last day of our Haggis tour.  Our first sight was Loch Linnie the last of the four ochs of the Great Glen.  We then drove through the Glencoe valley.  In this valley the MacDonalds we massacred by the Campbell clan during in 1692. The Campbell clan was asked by William of Orange to kill the MacDonald clan. During the winter of 1692 the Campbells knocked on the door of the MacDonald's home. The MacDonalds offered them food and shelter and during the night the Campbells murdered the men, women, and children of the MacDonald clan. Some attempted to escape into the mountains, but because of the harsh Scottish winters it is unlikely than many survived. Next we drove through Rannoch Moor.  This desolate piece of land is 1142 feet above sea level and is uninhabited by humans. We stopped at The Green Welly for Lunch and a bit of shopping.  Loch Lubnaig was our last loch on the tour. We stopped here to skip rocks and to take a group picture.  Here we met Hamish the Highland Cow, a Scottish icon.Full-screen  We drove past Doune castle.  This castle used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The castle was used from several different angles in the film. Our last stop was at the Robert the Bruce monument.  This monument was to Robert the Bruce a great king of Scotland. He was originally unpopular and he retreated to a cave near here to regroup. He took his inspiration from a spider that continually got knocked down from building a web in the mouth of his cave. Robert the Bruce was inspired by the perseverance of the small animal and put this lesson into action in his own life.  Full-screenThat night we stayed in Edinburgh just as we had before the tour began.

Day 6

We visited Edinburgh Castle on our last day of Scotland. Abby, Leah, Mike, and I also climbed the Craggs and Arthur's Seat before heading below ground for an awesome tour of Mary Kings Close. 

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