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Being trapped underground on a train in Liverpool. Crying kids and drunk adults + flashing lights is not a good combination.

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This journal will have my entries from our travels around Scotland.

Day 4

United Kingdom Inchree, United Kingdom  |  Jul 24, 2009
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 Day 4 

Our first stop of the day was the AMAZING Eilean Donan Castle.  This castle is said to be the most photographed in Scotland. It has been used in numerous movies including Made of Honor. After our visit to the castle we took a ferry from Armadale to Mallaig.  In Mallaig we took the “Harry Potter Train”!We took the train from here to Ft. William. We crossed over the Glennfinnan viaduct which was used in the Harry Potter films when the students are on their way to Hogwarts.  This ride is supposedly the most scenic train ride in the British Isles.  Our train terminated in Fort William which is where we met up with Colin again.  He drove us to the mountain Glen Nevis.  This mountain is the highest mountain in the UK standing at 4464 feet tall. This mountain is nicknamed the poisonous mountain because of the high number deaths that occur here each year.   We stayed at Inchree for the night and had Dr. H's birthday and the hostel's restaurant.

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