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This journal will have my entries from our travels around Scotland.

Day 3

United Kingdom Inverness, United Kingdom  |  Jul 24, 2009
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We drove through Dingwall, an old Viking settlement turned town. Next we drove through Strathpeffer.  This small town has become a popular holiday destination.  Our next stop was an unexpected one.  This is when our bus's tire blew out and we were waylaid for about 2 hours. Luckily we had lovely scenery and a great place for a lunch stop.  After that we stopped in Achnasheen for a coffee and restroom stop and continued on our way.   We stopped at Lochcarron for a quick photo stop before heading the Isle of Skye.The Isle of Skye is known as the Misty Isle because usually it is covered by fog and rain. Luckily for us we visited Skye on a very clear day. Skye’s population is 13 thousand people; 3% speak Gallic and out of that 3%, 35% live on the Isle of Skye.  The bridge to the Isle of Skye took 33 million pounds to build. Before its construction the only access to the island was by ferry.   Our next stop was at the Sligachan river.  This is where Colin told us the story of the MacDonalds and the MacClouds. The MacDonalds and the MacClouds lived on the Isle of Skye during the 8th century, and were always feuding. To try to stop the fighting the clan chiefs decided to set up an arranged marriage between a woman from the MacCloud clan and a man from the MacDonald clan. Ian MacDonald was to marry Mary MacCloud. On their wedding day, Mary was riding to the church, but when she crossed a bridge on her horse, the horse reared up and threw her into the river. She fell onto the rocks below and caused major damage to his eye. She was crying when a faerie came up and told her that if she would put her face in the Sligachan River for 7 seconds her beauty would be restored. So of course we took a dip in the river.  Portree, our next stop is the largest town on the Isle of Skye with the only secondary school on the island. We stopped here for some ice cream on the way up to Lealt Falls.  Before the falls we went to the Kilt Rock View Point.  Here we saw Kilt Rock from a distance. There is a legend about an Irish giant and a Scottish giant and kilt rock is the kilt that supposedly belonged to the Scottish giant. He allegedly hung it up there when he was preparing to fool the Irish giant who was after his wife.  We stopped at Lealt Falls for an amazing view of a waterfall and the beautiful coastline of the Isle of Skye. We had to go through a "Celtic kissing gate" to get there.  Our overnight was in a hostel called Saucy Mary’s.  The hostel and bar are named after a Viking princess named Mary who controlled the harbor. She would charge a toll for sailors to pass and once they did she would flash them for good luck giving her the nickname Saucy Mary.  We saw a great traditional Scottish band named Bramax here.

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