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This journal will have my entries from our travels around Scotland.

Day 1

United Kingdom Fort Augustus, United Kingdom  |  Jul 24, 2009
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We kicked our tour off with Haggis in Edinburgh.  Our tour guide and driver’s name was Colin.  Our first stop was at Dunkeld Cathedral. We stopped here for our morning coffee as well as a beautiful old cathedral. Our next stop was the Hermitage.  This is where we saw our first waterfall of the trip on this lovely forest walk along the banks of the river Braan in the Craigvinean Forest.  We drove to Pitlochry next for lunch and a bit of light shopping.  We then drove past Blair Castle where we were able to stop along the roadway to get a photo.  We then drove through Cairngorms National Park to Full-screenLoch Laggan Dam.  Work on this dam began in 1929 and was completed in 1934.  We then saw our second set of waterfalls on our first day of travel at Strathmashie Falls.  The Commando Memorial was our next stop.  This memorial was made to commemorate the place where the commandos did their training for WWII. The next area we were in was known as the Great Glen.  It was joined together by a canal system that is 22 miles long called the Caledonian Canal. Work began in 1803, but was not finished until 1822. The four lochs joined together were Loch Lochy (meaning loch of the dark goddess), Loch Ness, Loch Oich, Loch Linnhe.  We stopped at Fort Agustus overnight. Where attended the Clansman’s Show with Wild and Sexy Ken.  During his show we learned about Highland life. We also took an evening  cruise on Loch Ness.

This link shows all of the stops we made through out our visit to Scotland.,-4.163818&spn=2.779323,9.876709&t=k&z=7

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    July 24, 2009
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