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  • 31 years old
  • From Colorado, United States
  • Currently in Oaxaca, Mexico



9 Years ago

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My first visit to Mexico where I will be spending 2 and a half months in Oaxaca interning at ProWor...

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    Kkosiba wrote: Mon Dec 1, 2008
    Hey. I am trying to plan a trip to Peru and was looking at some profiles of people that have been there. I am trying to have an experience similar to yours. I'm just curious what group or program your went through? Also any advice on finding a program or what to avoid? Thanks!

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    chelle says, "Cheers, mate!" Thu Jun 12, 2008
    do cheersmate
    hey sis, all good stuff huh? looks like you are having the grandest time of your life. I'm sure there are more great things that awaits you there. cuidar y Dios los bendiga!
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    E20804 smiled at Katelarson12 Sat Jun 7, 2008
    do smile
    Have a wonderful time and make many wonderful memories!
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    travelingfamily congratulates Katelarson12 Thu Jun 5, 2008
    do congratulate
    have an amazing experience!

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Travelled to 4 countries

Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, United States

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