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What is the most unusual word that you have ever heard?

guay (cool in Spain)

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Emily In Barcelona!

This journal documents my experiences and adventures in Barcelona, Spain during my summer internship in 2009.

¡Bienvenidos a Barcelona!

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jun 01, 2009
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 My very first entry. 

Buenas Noches mi familia y mis amigos!  Estoy en Barcelona finalmente!!

I can't believe I'm finally in Barcelona.  I've been waiting for this beginning to begin for a very long time, and now that it's here, I'm running on 36 hours of no sleep...aka pure adrenaline.  It all started with a very short trip from Minneapolis to Chicago, followed by a very long trip to Madrid, followed by coffee with a strange (but friendly) woman, followed by a short trip to Barcelona, followed by MADNESS!  

I arrived at Barcelona, and it was as if I couldn't speak Spanish, and no one could speak English.  There was a moment of pure anxiety when all of the blood drained from my head as I pleaded with the security guard, "I need my equipaje!!"  Note to the wise, "Spanglish" is not very well understood in Spain. I ran around the airport several times hopping from one information desk to another explaining that I needed to retrieve my luggage, and everyone continued to point me to terminal "B."  However, terminal "B," was departures, and after 16  hours en route the last thing I was going to do was depart.  

I ended up going through security again, throwing away a 2 Euro bottle of water the size of a juice box, and began sweating profusely.  "I'll call my program coordinator," I said almost out loud.  I put in what I thought was one Euro and dialed his number.  We had a brief conversation before I started to see a countdown reading, "6,5,4,3..." With a few short seconds left he said..."See you at terminal 'A!'" and with that, I was on my way to find my true luggage area where my two lonely suitcases awaited my pick-up.  The green ribbon my dad tied to the handle lay limp like a white flag.  "Finally!" I screamed as I literally jumped over the conveyer belt. (At this point, I didn't care what anyone thought about me because I had my luggage!!!!) I grabbed a cart and loaded my five bags onto it and departed for my final destination, terminal "A."  In the end, everything was fine, and I arrived in one piece. Although for about 45 minutes of my life, I was a "hot mess," as some would like to say, quite literally and figuratively.  

Now I lie in bed, in a beautiful hotel room that I share with a girl that goes to school 20 minutes away from me in the United States.  What a small world we live in! Both taking advantage of the free wifi at the hotel, we catch up with the people we were out of contact with for what seemed like days.  Tomorrow I get a phone...que bueno, after I take a language placement exam...que malo; however, judging by my seemingly flawless conversation with the bartender in our hotel tonight, I think I'll pass that with flying colors...or maybe that was the "vino" talking.

That's all for now, I'll keep you posted on what a beautiful place Barcelona is!



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  • Try to sleep on the plane, lack of sleep leads to unnecessary freaking out, causing you to look like a spastic American.

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