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Welcome to New Zealand

My internship and life in New Zealand

Day 1...I think

New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  |  Jun 03, 2010
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 The city of Wellington is situated on the cliffs surrounding a harbor, the cliffs are filled with houses and other buildings. It was quite the sight to see. 

So it's finally my first day in New Zealand, but I'm still not sure what to call it.  Is it day 1/day 2/day 3?  I left early on the June 1st from Pennsylvania and it's now June 3rd in New Zealand...what do I do?  It still feels like the first day because let's face it, no one really sleeps on the plane, therefore nothing really indicates that it is in fact a new day.  But, it is suddenly June 3rd and I'm not sure what that means to my jet-lagged body and mind (it was almost 26 hours in travel time, nearly 20 of which were on a plane).

Anyway, moving on from the time confusion, the scenery coming into New Zealand was incredible.  The lights over Auckland were so pretty to look at this morning. And on the flight to Wellington, everything was so green, once the sun rose.  The city of Wellington is situated on the cliffs surrounding a harbor, the cliffs are filled with houses and other buildings.  It was quite the sight to see.  No pictures as of yet, but the good news is that I have discovered the go-to restaurant if all else fails...there is a KFC down from my apartment at the bottom of the block.

So far I have only met one room mate (out of three, correction, make that four), Catherine, and now I've met Chelsea.  And apparently the hits just keep coming, I just met the TV repairman in my sweats half asleep...isn't the first day supposed to be restful.  Oh well, I think we are all going to a fire dance show this evening...let everyone know how that goes.  And, maybe I will have pics from that.

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  • Day 1...I think

    June 03, 2010
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