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  • 28 years old
  • From Indiana, United States
  • Currently in Salvador, Brazil

Salvador, Bahia ~ July 9th-August 8th

A few of my adventures traveling to and from Salvador and my internship experience

First Week

Brazil Salvador, Brazil  |  Jul 23, 2010
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 Bus trips, taxi rides, new friends and experiences 

Well, its been a juggling act trying to get internet access and enough time on the internet to email family and friends and to write this journal. I normally don't blog, ever, but I believe that when it comes to programs like this if there is the opportunity to share you should with people who may go through similar experiences as yourself. 

I'm having a marvelous time here in Salvador! I have made some great friends in various places and have become familiar with the culture and the city. The first day of my internship was difficult and I was extremely frustrated because I was having trouble remembering everything so that I could do it myself the next day. However, I know frustration is normal in situations like these and I tried to not let it bother me and learn and soak up as much as I can. I have for the most part figured out the bus systems, but everytime I ride a bus it´s its own adventure. 

I love working at the project in Pernambues, the children there are so much fun and they´re sweet little things. After this first week I have seen enough and done enough with the kids to develope my own take on how to teach the subjects I´ve been assigned. 

Pelourinho is fun and I´ve greatly enjoyed my time in that part of town. Its very active and lively and an easier place to meet people and make friends. I live in a bairro called Garcia with an older lady; Dona Mouira (sp?). She´s so sweet and kind and welcoming and she and I have had some wonderful conversations. Not to mention she is a marvelous cook! 

I love the atmosphere here and I´m glad to have the opportunity to learn more about the country I love being in. Sometimes I wish I was here on vacation so that I could go to the beach everyday and take capoeira classes and learn the rebolation (sp?) and do more exploring. Im reserving my weekends for beach days and I´m looking into some dance classes that I might be able to take as well. The only thing that may prevent this would be money as I did not realize how much of my spending money I would use on a daily basis and I dont know if I´ll have enough to do everything I want to do. 

Either way Im having the time of my life and definitely growing from the experience. I hope to write again soon and maybe include more detailed stories! 


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