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What was your most challenging travel experience?

I was flying home by myself from Denver and got stuck in Lincoln, NE. I ended up hitching a ride with some nice people to Omaha and getting home safely.

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Summer 2010

This journal will detail my experience while abroad this summer in order to keep my friends and family updated!

time to catch up..

Ireland Dublin, Ireland  |  Jul 18, 2010
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 Oh, and work is going well! Court is lots of fun!!!! 

Long story short, the previous two weekends have balanced each other out. Last weekend, Andrea, Kaytlyn and I went to Waterford, Cork, Blarney, and Cobh. This weekend, I went to the vhi swiftcare DCU clinic 3 times, the Beaumont hospital once, for 11+ hours, and talked to 6 different doctors since Wednesday.


For last weekend, I also had my first hostel experience. It was brilliant. We had tons of fun and the people in our room were really nice! We were all on the top bunk and my bed was the worst sounding squeak I have ever heard. Elle, it would have given your beds at school a run for their money. This one was just ridiculous! We got to see the PGA trophy get molded at the Waterford Crystal plant, which was awesome! The tour was amazing! And the showroom was even more amazing. If I was already a millionaire, I would be coming home with Cinderella’s carriage, and if I had some extra money to spend, I would be coming home with a seahorse and some champagne glasses. But alas, I am neither of those, yet. It was raining in Waterford, fitting because of its name. We also saw a cool cathedral and little market in Waterford. Then when went on the train to Cork, took a pit stop at Limerick junction, ask to see the 360 photograph that I put together when you see me next; it’s very exciting.


Cork is a cute little city. It’s beautiful and we ate and drank at a restaurant called Scott’s and stayed at a hostel called Sheila’s. Sunday we went out to Blarney to see the Blarney castle. Blarney is a lovely village and I recommend it to anybody coming to Ireland. When I’m a millionaire, I’m going to move into the Blarney house because it just looks so beautiful on the outside! (It’s closed to tours on Sundays). I kissed the Blarney stone (maybe that’s where I picked up my tummy bug?) We had a lot of fun walking around the grounds of the castle as well! Then it was off to Cobh, to see the last port that the Titanic and Lusitania saw. We also saw St. Coleman’s Cathedral. It was very pretty!!! I’m still picking up my father’s knack for wanting to look at old churches. We found the memorial for the Lusitania, but never managed to track down the Titanic memorial, which makes me very sad. I could have stayed at Cobh all day long, it was just so peaceful! But, we had to make it back to busy Dublin.


And then this weekend I was mostly sick. And sick. And sick. But today (Sunday) I’m feeling a lot better and I’m going to stick to Dublin and hit up some more museums. I still need to make it to Howth though. I will some day. I hope all of you are doing well, please please keep me posted on what’s going on in your lives! I’m meeting my family in Spain in two weeks and I’ll be home to Chicago in 3! I might make a trip out to Ohio before school begins, if I can find a cheap way to get there and back J I miss all of you and can’t wait to see your smiling faces!!


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