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Running Around the United Kingdom

Touring around the British Isles for a summer abroad.

Getting Ready for Bank Holiday Weekend!

United Kingdom Ormskirk, United Kingdom  |  May 28, 2010
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 The weather in England is so unpredictable! 

            Today is just one of those slow days and the weather really can’t make up its mind.  In class, Dr H let us all catch up on our readings for L’morte D’arthur and luckily these stories are some of my favorites, so I had finished them up Wednesday after class.  Dr H then gave us the opportunity to decide if we wanted to watch a movie, and put on Ivanhoe for us all to watch.  I really was not sure what to make of this movie, mainly because I have yet to read the book.  I am planning on borrowing a copy from one of the other girls that found it in town.  The movie was made in 1952, which explains the supreme lack of special effects.  I mean really, a bucket of arrows thrown at a door are not going to do much, or look very impressive for that matter.

            After class, I went back to my room to pack for my trip to York for Bank Holiday weekend!  I am so excited for York, even though Jocelyn told me that she wouldn’t be able to make it.  I am hoping that the hotel will only charge me for a single, but even if they don’t it won’t be a very big deal. Jill came by to help me pick out what I should wear, but I have to be smart about it because the weather in England is so unpredictable! I tried to convince Jill that she should come to York with me, but she is going to stay here in Ormskirk and maybe go the Pleasure Beach (an amusement park in Blackpool). I will be going with a group of girls that I haven’t gotten to know as well as the girls on my hall, but I think it will be good to get to know them, as we will all be traveling together and rooming together once we leave Ormskirk. 

            While procrastinating on my packing, I began read the section on York that I have in my Eyewitness Travel: Great Britain guidebook.  The highlighted sights in York are York Minster, the Jorvik Viking Center, and the York Castle Museum.  So I am making it my goal to see at least two of these three sites.  I am very excited about York Minster because my guidebook says that it is the “largest Gothic cathedral north of the Alps.”  Hopefully, this weekend is all that I hope it to be!  I am catching the 8:06 train in the morning,  so I need to get to packing!

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